Centurion Challenge
Audience profile : Corporates/College Students Team Size : 6 Members Event participation : Adults

#CycleForMSF is a one day cycling extravaganza in the national capital on the 30th of November, 2014. This event offers you a chance to ride for a cause and take part in a host of other experiences. Bicycling is a healthy, environment friendly, inexpensive activity which exists beyond borders thus matching the identity of MSF.

#CycleForMSF wants to build a strong and diverse community of MSF supporters who ride together to create awareness and help raise funds for MSF. This annual project provides you with a realistic opportunity to create a sense of camaraderie with MSF and its humanitarian mission.

By participating in #CycleForMSF you will contribute towards, among others
  • Providing affordable mother and child care
  • Fighting HIV/AIDS
  • Eradicating malnutrition

Centurion Challenge is a ride modeled on a scavenger hunt. The teams consist of 6 with 4 riders and 2 substitutes in a support vehicle at any given point of time, which will cover 100 kms in total.

Registration :

Register online on: www.cycleformsf.in

Team Creation:

You need to create a team consisting of six individuals in the window that appears once you have registered yourself. The team shall consist of 6 people. Each team will be riding on 4 cycles and 2 members in a support vehicle. The 2 members in the support vehicle can replace the 4 riders at any time. Team should bring a support vehicle which will have the 2 team members and an observer from #CycleforMSF. Registration is free .Choose a team name, upload photos and share your team in your social networks.

Fundraising :

Each team will be allocated their own crowd funding page. You will promote the page in your networks to raise funds through your friends/relations/colleagues.


Milestones and Multipliers :

Achieving various fundraising milestones will activate multipliers for the team score. You become eligible for the competition once you raise 10000 ` and activate the first multiplier. As your team crowd funding grows, you will cross the milestones listed above and will activate multipliers. These multipliers will hand your team an advantage while participating in the Centurion Challenge contest.

Ride with MSF :
The event takes place on 30th of November at JLN Stadium, Delhi. Check in for the Centurion Challenge opens at 06:30 AM. This will include riding a cumulative total of 100 kms on part of each team (a single rider will cover 25-30 kms). The winner will be decided on the basis of total points after calculating all multipliers.

Registration Requirements :
All teams must bring their own support vehicle (7 seater) of which one space is reserved for the Observer provided by the organiser. Bicycles and helmets will be available on a first come, first serve basis at the venue. However, participants are welcome to bring their own.

Precautions :
  • Wear your helmet when cycling.
  • Wear your reflective vest when cycling.
  • Ride together in a group.
  • Look after your fellow rider(s).
  • Follow traffic rules & regulations.
  • Always carry a fully charged mobile phone

Incentives :
  • All teams will recive a #CycleforMSF certificate..
  • The top three teams are eligible for winner's medals.
  • Winners will be calculated on the basis of points earned as well as funds raised to save lives.