-I want to participate, but I have no team. What do I do?

#CycleforMSF would encourage you to ask your friends to join the ride but in special cases we can help you find a team. For the same you need to register yourself and send a request to info@cycleforMSF.in

-I want to participate, but 100km is way too much for me.

Don’t worry, the ride is a team event and 6 people will cover this distance in aggregate. Thus each rider will not ride more than 25km.

-I want to cycle to raise money for DR-TB / Ebola. Is this possible?

All money generated through this #CycleforMSF will be will be used for the mentioned three causes (mother and childcare, fighting malnutrition, treating HIV/AIDS). But the money you raise will help indirectly help MSF work for DR-TB and Ebola as the money you generate here will reduce the burden on the generic pool and that money can then be used to help other patients.

-What are milestones?

Milestones are a way to keep you motivated to raise more money. Every milestone you reach increase your chances of winning the challenge. Check the team registration details for more information.