Mission Brain Bucket Challenge
Audience profile : School students and parents. Age group for children : 10-14 years of age.

#CycleforMSF is a one day cycling extravaganza in the national capital on the 30th of November, 2014. This event offers a range of activities, contests and experiences catering to all age groups and families, in particular. Bicycling is healthy, environment friendly, inexpensive and exists beyond borders, thus matching the identity of MSF.

#CycleforMSF wants to build a strong and diverse community of MSF supporters who ride together to create awareness and help raise funds for MSF. This annual project provides you with a realistic opportunity to create a sense of camaraderie with MSF and its humanitarian mission.

By participating in #CycleForMSF you will contribute towards, among others
  • Providing affordable mother and child care
  • Fighting HIV/AIDS
  • Eradicating malnutrition

Mission Brain Bucket is a fun filled educational game for children to come together to learn about MSF and participate in a challenge, which simulates the steps taken by a doctor going to the field.

Before #CycleForMSF begins, we shall visit your schools and you will be asked to draw a small picture of Dr. Brain Bucket - an everyday doctor who uses his cycle to reach patients without access to healthcare. These pictures shall then be used by you to engage your network in a contest based on likes/shares.

Registration :

Register online on: www.cycleformsf.in

Upload your artwork :

You need to upload your artwork, along with your details and photograph. Your parents need to provide their consent and promote your artwork online.

Fundraising :

Your parents, friends and family can help us raise funds by donating in favor of a particular artwork and promoting it in their own circles.

Ride with MSF:

The event takes place on 30th of November at 8 A.M. Come and ride with us to spread awareness and raise funds. Let’s cycle to complete the Mission Brain Bucket!
Cycles will be provided at the event by Firefox Bikes.

  • Wear your helmet while cycling.
  • Wear your reflective vest while cycling.


  • Participates gets a CycleforMSF certificate.
  • The winner gets a certificate enumerating the amount they generate.