I declare, confirm and agree on the following terms and conditions.

1. I/my ward fully acknowledge that the event is organised and promoted by Medecins Sans Frontieres India ("MSF India") which is registered under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 (Registered No.: U85100DL2013NPL249165) and that the purpose of the event is to raise funds in aid of MSF India’s work to provide access to healthcare to those who need it the most.

2. I/my ward will be participating in the event entirely at my/his/her risk and responsibility. I/my ward will not hold MSF India, #CycleforMSF or any of its partners/staff responsible for any accident, injury, damage to, or loss of personal property or inconvenience caused during the event or in preparation for it.

3. I/my ward understand that the event involves sustained physical exercise, including cycling, in demanding conditions. I/my ward am/is responsible for my/his/her own fitness and health to take part in the event.

4. I/my ward am/is fit to participate in the event and have obtained appropriate medical advice and clearance in this behalf.

5. I/my ward agree to adhere to the rules, regulations and participate in the spirit of the event. I/my ward understand that if any team/individual fails to do so faces the risk of disqualification/removal from the event.

6. I/my ward understand that the format communicated on any promotional material may be subject to change and that MSF India may need to cancel, postpone, halt, delay, abridge, re-route or otherwise alter the event in response to hazards including but not limited to natural disaster, fire, flood, path instability, disease or the intervention of law & order or other act of God conditions.

7. I/my ward agree than incase of any change in event format subject to clause (6) or any other reason, MSF India will communicate with me/him/her through the e-mail address filled in by me/him/her during registration. I/my ward believe that in such instances, MSF India will give me/him/her as much notice as possible and any necessary alterations by MSF India will be in an attempt to preserve the nature of the event as much as possible.

8. I/my ward agree that at any time before or during the event MSF India reserves the right to withdraw/remove a team or individual from the event without justification.

9. I/my ward agree to submit attested and legible copies (and display originals) of personal identity documents (driver’s licence, passport, adhaar card) at the time of registration on the day of the event or when required by MSF India.

10. I/my ward understand that any funds raised by my/him/her will not be earmarked to aid any specific disease, condition or situation but will be utilised to support the ongoing medical humanitarian aid related functions of MSF projects in India.

11. I/my ward acknowledge that by raising funds for MSF India, I/he/she am/is placing myself/himself/herself in a position of substantial trust and that I/he/she have/has a moral and legal obligation to acquit the funds I/he/she raise and temporarily hold for the charity accurately, honestly, responsibly and in a timely manner.

12. I/my ward agree(s) to ensure that my/his/her sponsors understand that their sponsorship donation is in support of my/his/her attempt at, rather than completion of, the #CycleforMSF game.

13. I/my ward agree that images, video and interview material taken at the event or uploaded to teams’ online fundraising pages may be used by MSF India in future promotions.

14. I/my ward understand that my/his/her personal details (including but not limited to name, age group, gender, race category, finishing time, finishing position) will be stored electronically by MSF India. Such information may appear on the public list of participants and result list for the Event. By entering the event, the rider or their representative consents to the organiser being given access to their data.

15. Internal Ride: #CycleforMSF ‘Mission Brain Bucket’- Declaration by parent, legal guardian or school representative.

16. External Ride: #CycleforMSF ‘Centurion Ride’- Team declaration

17. I/my ward agree that incase of any disputes on matters subject to, but not limited to, participation, competition, winners, score and time, the final decision will lie with MSF India and the event officials and that I/my ward will in no manner refute the final decision.

18. I/my ward fully understand and agree on the terms and conditions of the event and are participating in the event after going through, with complete understanding, the safety regulations and the event rules/regulations.


1. Registration fees are strictly non refundable or transferable.

2. In the unlikely event that #CycleforMSF is cancelled, MSF India will by March, 2015, return any donations to any of your sponsors who request this in writing by January, 2015, provided there is sufficient evidence that MSF India received their donation.